Belated Baby Belly


It would be safe to say that the time for blogging about my pregnancy has passed, especially since my baby is now 6 months old. Speaking from my experience with this first pregnancy, it can be overwhelming. Between finding out that I was expecting and moving during my second trimester, I let blogging go for a while so that I could enjoy my pregnancy.

I was able to keep journals throughout that special time in my life since I knew that I didn’t want to forget how wonderful pregnancy can be.

I pulled together a list of the top memories that I have of being pregnant with my first child.

My heightened sense of smell…

My sense of smell was out of control to say the least. I’m sure you have heard about this early pregnancy symptom, for me it started at about 6 weeks and has continued to this day. I may never lose my ability to smell what the neighbors had for dinner last week, but at least it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach anymore. I never would have survived without Preggie Pop Drops. Made to ease nausea associated with pregnancy, they were seriously my savior. While I didn’t have much in the way of morning sickness, I would feel nauseated with certain smells. I still use them to tame motion sickness.

I was always hungry!

It was no surprise to me that I wanted to eat all of the time. What did come as a surprise was that after a few months, I didn’t have room to eat everything that I put on my plate. I wouldn’t say that I let that discovery stop me from trying to eat like a champion though. I learned early on to pace myself and take a longer lunch break.


I craved pickles and hot sauce.

Not exactly together, although I did eat them both sometimes too.  I wanted a pickle on the side of every meal and everything smothered in hot sauce. Imagine my disappointment, er rage, when Panerabread would forget my pickle. That’s alright, I always had hot sauce to save the day. That is until it gave me heartburn towards the end. I used this recipe to make a home made version of Claussen pickels. It’s the best! Photo credit: Tasty Kitchen


I began to “show” around 16-18 weeks.

I swear I was showing at 8 weeks. No one else would confirm that suspicion, probably because I looked like I had eaten a few too many burritos for lunch but my jeans told another story.  Finally around 16-18 weeks, I would turn the corner at work and hear, “Wow! You are showing!”


I was tired all. of. the. time.

This is to be expected but I wanted to sleep after any activity. I took naps every chance that I could. I also remember it taking me two months to unpack after moving because the routien went like this: work on one box, nap, next box, eat, take a nap, unpack a box, eat, sleep. It wasn’t the most productive time for me. While we are talking about sleep, I also remember hating the snooggle thing everyone loves. I also tried the boppy maternity pillow and hated that even more. What I did love was my cheapo $7  body pillow and the $5 black pillow case that went over it. I named that pillow Drogon. Photo from:


I felt my baby move around 4 months.

I hear a lot of people describe it as butterflies and while I can understand the comparison, to me it felt like something moving inside my body. Haha, I wish I had a better description for you, but it pretty much felt like you would imagine something moving around your stomach to feel like. I can say that I felt the most movement at 7:00 am when I would wake up and when I would lay on my left side. Now that I know my baby liked to have his head on my left side, I can’t say that I blame him for not being comfortable with that situation.


It’s a girl… No, it’s a boy!

The BEST memory of my pregnancy was finding out the sex of my baby. I was convinced that I was having a girl… CONVINCED! When the tech told me it was a girl, I said, “Yeah we know.” and then the biggest surprise of my life. “Oh, I’m so sorry I made a mistake. It’s a boy!” she said a few minutes later. I did’t have to look at Charles to know he had a giant grin on his face. I could feel how proud and excited he was. I did see the look on the techs face when she continued to apologize for the mix up. I could tell that she really felt bad. But I wasn’t upset, I actually thought that it was funny. I was also thankful that she notice the mistake within a few minutes. Could you imagine if we didn’t find out until he was born?



Now I will leave you with some of my favorite maternity pictures…












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