Celebrate the Rain

“You will not be the same after the storms of life; You will be stronger, wiser and more alive than ever before.”  – Bryant McGill

water drop

About this blog

This blog has changed in so many ways since I first started in 2012. In the beginning, I shared my thoughts and photographs. Now, it is helping me to reach others interested in natural parenting, holistic, and sustainable living. My goal is to shatter the myths about “crunchy mamas” and help others understand that you don’t have to give up being stylish to be conscious about your health and environment.

Why Celebrate The Rain?

This is my diary, a safe place where I can record my life’s adventures. My little piece of the internet so that I can preserve my memories and stay connected to the things that feed my soul. Where I share what makes me feel most alive, and write about the moments that bring my heart joy. This journey is about trying to grow and support my family while remembering to celebrate, no matter what storms come our way.

Hopefully here you can find inspiration, a kindred spirit and a little break from your day.

A place to celebrate life’s little moments.








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